The People and Vision Behind TCLPfiber

For more than a century, Traverse City Light & Power has been here for the people and businesses of Traverse City, delivering the services that make a difference. As a trusted partner we’re proud to have been a part of our Traverse City’s development into one of Northern Michigan’s most desirable places to work, play, and live. And we’re not done, not by a long shot.

Responding to the need

The last decade has seen tremendous growth in digital technology, as well as a deepening divide between communities with affordable high-speed broadband internet and those without it. So in 2016, Traverse City Light & Power began envisioning a world-class communications infrastructure—a FTTP (fiber-to-the-premise) network offering gigabit broadband internet access for residents, businesses, and others in our service area.

A 21st-century connected vision

The key pillars supporting the vision included the following.
  • TCL&P views fiber-based broadband connectivity as an essential utility, just like the electric service we have provided since 1912.
  • Every home, business, nonprofit organization, government entity, and educational institution should have the opportunity to connect.
  • Providing equal and affordable access to communications infrastructure and service is essential to promoting equal opportunity in business, education, employment, healthcare, and all other aspects of everyday life.
  • Greater access to broadband help lower business costs, attract and retain highly skilled residents and new industries, and create sustainable new jobs in for our entrepreneurial economy.
  • Robust business, residential, and institutional connectivity will also expand opportunities for local students in K–12 and beyond, and enable more open government and civic engagement.
  • We intend to empower our citizens and local businesses to be network economy producers— not just consumers of network information and data services.

Smart phased-in approach

Using a measured, incremental roll-out plan, TCLPfiber ensures the network is successful and sustainable. The plan divides Traverse City into five distribution areas. In Phase I, we will connect approximately 2,000 homes and businesses, in the heart of Traverse City. Then, we will move on to the subsequent phases, connecting the areas where interest is the greatest. With much of the network already built out, the hard work of bringing customers online is already completed.

Designed and owned by the community, managed by TCL&P

TCLPfiber is a community-wide initiative led by the TCL&P Board and staff. In addition, a variety of supporters—representing for-profit and non-profit boards, advocacy groups, tech incubators, educational institutions, and neighborhood associations—have been instrumental in helping to launch TCLPfiber. Thank you!

Connect to a brighter future

Designed and owned by the people and businesses of Traverse City and managed by Traverse City Light & Power, TCLPfiber is connecting the community to a brighter future, one subscriber at a time. Your community, your future, your fiber network.

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