Why TCLPfiber?

Because this is the broadband internet service you deserve. Gigabit fast and seriously affordable, a community asset managed by a community institution, fueling economic growth and a better quality of life for all Traverse City.

When it comes to broadband internet service providers, there is a difference.

Community-owned, run by
folks you know
Symmetrical all-fiber
internet service
Digitally connected
Traverse City
Speed, reliability, and
support you deserve
TCLPfiber is developed and owned by the people and businesses of Traverse City.

This is your community, your future, and your fiber network. And it’s operated and managed by the folks you’ve counted on to power our community’s growth since 1912.
The TCLPfiber network is all-fiber: no coax, DSL or copper.

This means you get the same ridiculously fast speed, for uploads and downloads. And because it’s all-fiber, it’s incredibly reliable, giving you seamless, always-on connections.
A fiber network is the backbone of a thriving, connected community.

Everyone has access to the benefits of telecommuting, distance learning, telemedicine, smart grid technology, and
a growing economy― without having to leave the shores of Lake Michigan.
We’re committed to providing you with fast, affordable, and reliable internet connectivity.

You can expect responsive service with straightforward answers 24/7 from us on day one.

More than a community-trusted service provider, we’re your neighbors. We’re here for you.

Our promise to you

At TCLPfiber, we pledge to support you with:
  • All-fiber internet and digital voice services—no data caps, no compromises
  • Upfront transparent pricing
  • A commitment to invest in the digital future of Traverse City
  • Personalized and responsive service based on mutual respect and trust

When it comes to broadband internet service providers, there is a difference. Let us prove it to you.

Get in the Zone – Grab your Gig!